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Jamie McPhee
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3 Must-have Browser Plug-ins for SEO

With the digital world presenting more and more information to the agency to consider on how to make websites famous, people in my role need a little help. I find that there are a growing number of browser add-ons out there for SEOs to use, to help make day-to-day life easier. Here are my current must have plugins for SEO that I certainly couldn’t live without.


1. SearchStatus

Probably my favourite SEO add-on, SearchStatus has over 35,000 users and is available to download for Firefox. The add-on has a number of great features but the most useful ones are:

  • Meta tags: This feature allows you to quickly analyse a website’s meta data. This includes meta title, meta description, meta keywords, Google site verification and a number of other relevant pieces of meta data. This is great for quickly identifying the structure and the number of characters used for the meta data.
  • Link report: The link report feature allows you to see the number of links a webpage has. The information is laid out to show the total number of links, internal, external, followed external, nofollow and secure links. I find this invaluable for monitoring the rate which the number of links pointing to a particular website is increasing or decreasing.
  • Show robots.txt: This feature allows you to quickly access the website’s robots.txt file. This is great for identifying how search engines are indexing websites’ content, specifically if certain search engine bots have been restricted from crawling and indexing particular areas of a website.
  • Show sitemap.xml: This feature allows you to quickly access and view the site’s sitemap, which is great for firstly identifying whether or not a sitemap exists and secondly identifying frequency in which certain pages are likely to be crawled by search engines.


 2.  Check My Links

Check My Links is an add-on available for Chrome and has proved a popular choice with over 67,000 users. In summary, this add-on is a link checker that scans a webpage and highlights which links are working and which are broken. This is especially usefully for ensuring that your internal linking strategy is successful.


3.   Page Speed

As SEOs we all know how important it is to have a website that performs well in terms of load speed. The Page Speed add-on is available in Chrome and Firefox and allows you to analyse the performance of your web pages.  The add-on not only allows you to analyse the performance but also provides you with potential ways in which you can improve the performance. Good luck using these. Please share with us any great add-ons you find makes your day easier.

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