Chloe Waddington
Chloe Waddington
Digital Account Manager

5 Top Traits of a Great Account Handler

Account Handling requires great people skills, finesse, leadership, heart, patience and passion. Here are my 5 top tips from the last 5 years on the job.

1) Be passionate

A great Account Handler has raw ambition, a ‘can do’ attitude and will be hungry for every challenge that comes their way. Really care about your business and your portfolio of clients. Work on each campaign with dedication, vibrancy and passion. Be dynamic and an extension of your clients marketing team. Get under the skin of each account. No two clients are the same so learn their business needs and objectives to offer a real ‘full service’. The most successful accounts stem from having a deep knowledge of your client and everything they do with an added energy that drives campaigns forward.

2) Form lasting relationships

The ability to form good relationships is key to a healthy client relationship. If the client can trust their team and their ability to make the right decisions on a job, then the relationship will flourish. Invest genuine time in the relationship with your client. As a result, the effect generated by this strong relationship on both a personal and business level will open the door to a great future.

3) Communicate

And do lots of it. It never hurts to ‘over’ communicate with your client so long as what you have to say is valuable. Be transparent and honest from the outset. Everyone will be on the same page working towards the same goals, thus preventing any murderous politics in the workplace. We sell the art of communication, so being a good communicator in Account Handling is essential.

4) Be Positive

Long hours and tight deadlines can sometimes take their toll but make an effort to remain positive. Keep the end goal in mind. Negativity can easily breed within your team and also contaminate that strong client relationship you worked so hard to obtain. Radiate positivity, remain focused and your project will thrive.

5) Be organised

My Managing Director once told me ‘We are the work horses of the industry’ and I loved the analogy. As an Account Handler we cover a lot of ground and are the glue that holds everything together. Being super organised gives clarity when we are at full capacity. It allows us to be on the front foot at all times and therefore more efficient. The more efficient the Account Handler, the more successful the account.

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