At Ponderosa our approach is very simple. Before we start thinking creatively, we spend a great deal of time getting to the heart of the problem or opportunity. Unearthing this insight is something we call Golden Nugget Thinking.  It is only when we have found this nugget that we brief our creative teams to build an idea around the insight. Planning is at the core of what we do, and it is this strategic input that both gives our creatives something solid on which to build their ideas and adds value to our clients’ brands. As we have come together from different agency backgrounds (Brand, DM & Digital) we have the specialist skills to implement these ideas to their maximum effect – but always with the reassurance of relevant insight at the core.

Golden Nugget Thinking is at the core of how we think at Ponderosa. In today’s noisy, overcrowded world, where brands fight to be heard, it is more important than ever before to make sure you have that nugget of insight. That sparkly precious nugget that is unique to you, one on which ideas can be built that your audience will find engaging and motivating.

Golden Nugget Thinking® is built on 5 very simple steps:


Be clear on what you want to achieve - it's not always easy to agree


Be open-minded - we used to call it media-neutral


Be willing to look long and hard for the insight - there will be lots of dross to discard


Only brief creative when you have unearthed a Golden Nugget


Do not rely on the insight to do the job for you - it is the creative job to turn the raw nugget into something beautiful

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