Andrew Ingham
Andrew Ingham
Digital Designer

Are You Ready for Wearable Tech?

It’s something we have all recently seen or heard about at some stage, but the release of Google Glass in April, and other major brands releasing products of a similar nature, indicates a real emergence in this growing technology. The question is, are we ready for it?

Wearable tech has grown from major trends over the past few years such as mobile and tablet communications, augmented reality and the increase in internet connection speeds. In a nutshell, we can define wearable tech as something you carry and interact with which contains, receives and transmits data.

Here are just a few examples of wearable tech you can now purchase:

Samsung Gear Watches – You can make/ receive calls, record fitness activities and take photos.

Wearable Tech Ponderosa

Misfit Shine – You may not recognise the name but its the circular black dot the swimmer takes off and puts on her iPhone in the Apple advert. A very futuristic looking fitness tracker, that syncs with an app to provide a wide array of data.

Wearable Tech Ponderosa

Google Glass – Perhaps the most out there of all current wearable tech with so many features such as satellite navigation, music player, messaging, social media and search functionalities.

Wearable Tech Ponderosa

Wearable tech will no doubt impact a brand’s digital strategy, in the same way most new¬†websites are scalable for different devices, there will be lots of new sizes and trends emerging to ensure your consumer has a consistent brand engagement.

It is also important to note that wearable tech isn’t just an extension of mobile devices we currently have. The data they collect and provide will bring about new and innovative ways of advertising products and communicate with customers.

As a digital designer, the opportunity to potentially design for these new products is very exciting.

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