Georgia Halston
Georgia Halston
Social Media Manager

6 Quick Social Media Wins for B2B in 2016

Social media marketing is becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis and there’s no sign it will be slowing down in 2016.Far too often B2B industries are left behind as companies assume it’s much harder to market to other companies using social media, and that the ‘fluff’ should be left to the more sexy B2C industries such as fashion, beauty and FMCG.

This could not be further from the truth. Social media can provide precious insights into your target audience and communicate your brand through content. You could raise the profile of your business simply by promoting your activities. You could become a voice in the industry through opinion pieces and all your content can be shared across networks for prospective clients to see.Every year, businesses are increasing spend on social media. That’s because it’s working. Forming a sound B2B social media strategy is a multi-faceted task but the infographic below outlines our six tips to make a big difference to the effectiveness of your digital comms.Ponderosa B2B Social Media Infographic

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