Georgia Halston
Georgia Halston
Social Media Manager

Six steps to making content work for your brand

It’s no secret in the world of marketing that content is king. It has been for some time now and the sentiment rings true no which discipline you work in, from SEO to TV ads, from social media to out of home. Content alone though will never be the answer – it has to be informed by something more integral and founded: your brand.

If you deviate from any element your brand is built on, be that tone of voice, proposition or brand values, your content becomes meaningless and can do more to hinder than help.

Once you have your brand nailed down you can really start getting creative with the types of content you want to produce. In the past we have found that content that is reactive, funny, original and surprising makes the biggest impact – and this doesn’t always require the biggest budget.

Planning your seeding strategy is of equal importance and this should be done far before you plan to go live with your content. Think about digital and traditional PR, think about social media, your own platforms, utilising social advertising and outreach to influencers relevant to your content, brand and target audience.

The six steps to making content work for your brand are in the below infographic:

 Branded Content Infographic

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