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Kate Lindley
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Christmas Adverts From Around the World

German Supermarket Edeka

My favourite advert from around the world this year has come from German Supermarket Edeka. The ad has overtaken John Lewis as the most shared Christmas advert by creating a tear-jerker of an advert to remind people to come home for Christmas.
With a similar train of thought as the John Lewis advert, it tackles loneliness in the elderly at Christmas, but the German supermarket by far wins the battle and makes the message really hit home.

Irn Bru Snowman (Scotland)

I love something unexpected, and the comedy twist on this undeniable classic is a brilliant one. Definitely suited to the Scottish humour, this tongue-in-cheek Irn Bru version of The Snowman will absolutely brighten your day.

Spanish Xmas Lottery

By this advert, I was getting a bit over the heart-string pulling, acoustic piano backed Christmas advert (sorry Eden Cheese – below) but this one changed my mind. It is heart wrenching, but in a way that makes you smile rather than tear up.

West Jet Xmas Miracle

Now this is what I want from a Christmas advert – a Christmas Miracle! Who doesn’t love happiness and surprises at Christmas, and that we all wish we were on that magical West Jet flight…

JC Penney Aviator

From the USA, we have this delightfully sweet advert from JC Penney that see’s a little girl defy all the local bullies (and all laws of engineering) to achieve her dream to meeting Santa Claus in the North Pole.

Eden Cheese (Philippines)

This advert perfectly demonstrates that family really is the most important thing at Christmas, with a lovely heartfelt sentiment it shows the children at an orphanage go off and have successful lives and then re-group at Christmas to reconnect with their home and ‘mother’. What all this has to do with cheese is something I don’t really get…

Canadian Tire

Every kid at Christmas worries that Santa won’t find them at Christmas, so when Sam moved house just before the holiday’s he took extra precautions and even his Dad pitched in to help.

Hersheys Kisses

Short, sweet and effective. A nice little Christmas message from Hershey’s.

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