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Eve Jeffs
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Now more than ever, in a competing digital sphere of websites, emails and apps, it’s important to display valuable content in a rich and fulfilling way to get your messages across. You may have a plethora of content for your website, but presenting this in dull, inaccessible and mind-numbing way can be a huge turn off. Your subject matter could be a complex topic for users to grasp too – it’s times like this where here at Ponderosa we think of ways to present information in an alternative way to standard content pages.

Over the last few weeks there have been some sites and campaigns that have either caught my eye, or that we have developed, which have presented content in interesting ways.

Northern Gas Network Infographics

Northern Gas Network came to us, requesting help conveying two pieces of valuable content; one about NGN and a second containing advice for users in identifying carbon monoxide poising.
Factual, hard to consume, techy-led and industry specific info was transformed into visually stimulating, animated, responsive and easily digestible infographics. Not only do they present content in an engaging and interesting way, but the produced infographics convey the personality of Northern Gas Network. Check an example out here:

BBC Earth Story

I found this site during some R&D time.
The BBC Earth Story site displays content through an assortment of mechanisms, engaging the user from the very start by getting them to enter their details, and therefore making the content and experience personal. I particularly love the variety of ways in which content is displayed and transitions onto the page, both of which helps retain user interest whilst conveying fascinating tailored facts. The animations used for the content are a welcome addition too. A user could spend hours on this site, entering the date of births of friends and family, exploring endless outcomes, and sharing rich content.


Drink Smart Water

This site uses interactivity to take a particularly plain subject and transform it! You can navigate and explore the site in a fun and engaging way; it kept me on the site for more time than I care to remember! The fun you can have with drawing a cloud path, spinning a cloud, shaping a cloud and cutting a cloud into tiny pieces using your mouse! But it all serves one purpose… to get across the brand values of Smartwater – a product which is inspired by the way nature distils water. Creating a site which delivers an experience that a user is part of, and will engage with, is far more interactive than a piece of copy on a page.


We have many more interesting sites set to launch over the next few months that will be tackling this subject matter in a number of ways, so keep your eyes peeled on our Work pages.

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