Stewart Wells
Stewart Wells
Senior Copywriter

Could This Be The Return Of The Good Ol’ Days Of Advertising?

Last month Britvic announced that London agency 101 has been appointed to handle the next chapter of advertising for Tango.

As a creative, or even an entire agency, how do you live up to the pressure of all the greatness that has gone before you?

Can ego alone get you through?

Are there really better, more creative solutions still out there for such an iconic brand?

As much as the early Tango advertising is some of my favourite advertising ever, my answer has to be yes…

As long as they’ve still got the guts.

Tango’s approach over the years has been brave, distinctive and downright daring to say the least – in fact in the 90s they set the standard for all these.

But today bravery, distinctiveness and daring are rare attributes for most communication, yet probably some of the most important.

And that’s the key.

So many brands today are too hesitant. They aren’t brave, distinctive or daring.

They think they want to be.

But really they just want safe. Nothing risky or risqué.

Just safe.

But if Tango continues its rich tradition of pushing the boundaries with pioneering advertising, can they do anything but fail?

I don’t think so.

After all, what are they up against?

In the soft drinks market at least, no one has ever been as brave as Tango since the big orange fella slapped us in the face all those years ago.

I look forward to what comes next. Get ready to be Tango’d all over again.

The moral of the story is this:

Bravery leaves a legacy. Safety breeds obscurity.

All the Tango ads from ’91-‘97:


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