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Amy Hornsby
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Firm Father’s Day Favourites

Yesterday the nation celebrated Father’s Day, and what better way to start the week than by looking at a round-up of the best dad’s ads of the last week.


When a baby is born, a dad is born – #ThanksBaby

A sweet one from Pampers this year, focusing on the instantaneous bond formed between baby and father, featuring a YouTube compilation of home videos from real fathers and various social posts centred around the hashtag. Cuteness abounds.


On Your Side for Generations

An odd contribution to the Father’s Day campaign, but a lovely one. Celebrating the far-reaching usefulness of social media, Nationwide demonstrates their ‘people’ side with further seeding of the well-crafted story of father, son, and scarf.

Goody Hair

Dad Hair Day

Fantastic subject matter for Goody here; targeting an area well understood by girls and their dads all over the world. An excellent opportunity for Goody to showcase products that even dads can use.


Bratfast in Bed

Repetitive, trippy, hilarious. Sausage producers Johnsonville have created a really memorable advert this year, involving talking sausages, sausage fingers, and sausage children. They all look delicious though.

Angel Soft  

Happy Father’s Day, Mom. Be Soft, Be Strong

Of course, not everyone has a nuclear family, and many single parents have to fill both maternal and paternal roles. In a refreshing and emotive turn, Angel Soft celebrates Father’s Day for single mothers in America. Linking both soft and strong, Angel Soft comes in very close to the top spot for Father’s Day adverts this year.

Angel Soft outlines how single mothers in America outnumber single fathers by millions, it has still received mixed reviews on Twitter.

Toyota Japan – Toyota Safety Sense  

I am your father/ I am your daughter

Saving the best til last, Japan brings us a two-sided story of the journey between a father and daughter. Seeing both versions of every moment, from childhood, through awkward teen phases, marriage, and everything in between, Toyota has given us a real tear-jerker, watch the full video here.

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