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Danielle Startin
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Friday Five #1

A few of our favourite things from week ending 20th February 2015…

  1. Brands and Valentine’s Day
    • In the two week run-up to Valentine’s Day, McDonalds let select customers in the US pay for their meals with lovin’, ie. by ringing friends or family and telling them they loved them.
    • South West Trains ch-ch-chose to rename London stations for Valentine’s Day, meaning travellers could catch the 8:10 to Waterlove or board a train at The Apple of My Islington.
    • The Crabbie’s Love Match Machine let lovers of the alcoholic ginger beer find out whether they’re a match made in heaven with their favourite drink, or whether they should be flirting with another flavour. The competition aspect of the promotion is now finished but you can still try it out here.crabbie-LMM
  2. What’s for tea?
    Not sure what to have for dinner tonight? Co-Op’s Dinner4Tonight campaign site has your back. The site presents menu options, such as salmon linguine, and if the offerings aren’t to your fancy you can pick from options to find something which is more ‘comforting and cosy’ or ‘simple and light’. Once you find a meal that hits the spot, you can click through to find recipes, nutritional information and an ‘add to shopping list’ function.
    PS. If you don’t fancy cooking big news this week is that Burger King are trialling delivery in the UK. Check if you’re in one of their test locations here.
  3. Sainsbury’s E-ink labels
    Sainsbury’s have swapped paper pricing labels for e-ink in their Shoreditch store, in a trial aimed to cut down on waste of paper and staff time. The labels, which can be updated centrally are just another proof that 2015 really is the year of the internet of things, where everything is connected, including price labels.
  4. Android Chorus
    Check out this video from Google Japan which exemplifies the Be Together Not The Same USP of Android – and is a nice example of branded video content which people will just want to watch.
  5. The Future of Digital
    The 15 minute quick-fire presentation speeds through the future of digital, with focus on the big four – Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple – and explains why Amazon will buy a chain of brick-and-mortar shops, Instagram was the best acquisition ever, Google+ is dead and Apple will be the first trillion dollar brand. You might not agree with everything that is said, but you should watch it.
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