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Danielle Startin
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Friday Five #3

Five of our favourite things from week ending 13th March 2015…

  1. Google Facts 

    In the week Google forayed into brick and mortar stores with a concession in one London Currys store, we found this question on Quora asking ‘What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?’

    Below are our top takeaways from the thread.

    • Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering the results to a search, and all in a fraction of a second.
    • Six billion hours of YouTube content is watched every month – that’s an hour for every person on earth.
    • Remember when Google went down for 5 minutes in 2013? There was a 40% drop in internet traffic.
    • Google’s probably the only site designed to reduce how long users spend online.

    Bonus Fact: the whole of the internet weighs in the region 60 grams  – about the same as an egg.

  2. Everyday Heroes

    Ikea’s latest integrated campaign celebrates  the everyday workhorses of their collection.

    Watch the ad:

  3. Of course, these days a campaign isn’t a campaign without social integration, and Ikea have given a voice – and a personality – to the items featured in the ad with the @EverydayHero365 Twitter account.

    Currently the account is being populated by the GRUNDTAL toilet roll holder:



  4. Samsung sign language

    Just watch this self-explanatory and touching Samsung ad promoting their new video call center for the hearing impaired.

  5. #VoteSelfish

    In an attempt to mobilise the under-25 vote by appealing to their perceived egocentric world viewpoint, #VoteSelfish was born. The quirky campaign site shows visitors what other sub-25 year olds care about, allows you to tweet what you care about, and links out to Vote For Policies, so you can find out ‘which party you should party with’, as well as to the Registering To Vote Gov.uk page.

    Then there’s THIS video:

    I shared this with some of the target demographic in the agency, and I think Lily put it best with ‘I half like it and half can’t watch it.’

    To be honest, I was surprised to discover the campaign was put together by two 24 year olds from communications agency Fabula. Maybe they think that’s what 18 year olds are still watching? I don’t.

    Good idea? Probably. Poorly executed? Definitely.

    Bonus fact: According to a poll by Ipsos Mori one-third of young people think their vote this May will be influenced by social media.

  6. Everybody jumped on the same hashtags

    Once upon a time, if your brand was reactive that was enough on Twitter. But then, everybody joined in. And now it’s tired.

    Look at these examples from the Apple Watch announcement:

      Bored yet? Here’s some more, all from this week:

    Another #5WordDealBreaker? Brands who jump on bandwagons.

    That doesn’t mean being reactive is wrong per se. But do it properly. Like Snickers did this week by sending a box of Snickers to Jeremy Clarkson, because You’re Not You When You’re Hungry.


BONUS: Click here to check out ad roulette, which combines the video of one ad with the audio of another. Why? Because why not. And you might just see a well known ad in a different way after this.

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