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Danielle Startin
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Friday Five #4

Five of our favourite things from week ending 27th March 2015…

  1. #ZaynPain
    Here’s the best of brand reactions to One Direction going in two directions:

  2. Taco Bell vs McDonalds
    Taco Bell launched a cold war on McMuffins with the below ads.
    There’s no disputing that it’s a clever campaign, that is well executed from a visual perspective, with heavy references to dystopian films and guards that look like what would happen if Soviet enforcers dressed as Ronald McDonald for Halloween. And it will certainly get Taco Bell noticed.

    But, is it a cheap way to sell breakfasts? Should agencies be warping political propaganda which destroyed lives into ads?

    And, at the end of the day, Taco Bell are just as much a part of the conformist capitalist landscape in the US as McDonalds are – with 6,500 restaurants in the country serving 2 billion customers a year.

    On a lighter note, McDonald’s Sweden launched the Big Mac ‘inspired’ lifestyle collection this week:
    A quick straw-poll in the office revealed four of us would wear the burgers. Tweet us your guesses at @Ponderosa_Group as to who said they would, and we’ll let you know if you’re right.

  3. Audi Billboards
    Audi’s new car only emits water vapour. And Audi’s new billboards are made of nothing but water vapour. Sometimes the simplest ideas make the best ads, and this is one of those times.
  4. Netflix Australia Anti-ads
    People don’t really want to be sold to on social. So, when Opus launched Netflix Australia with a series of YouTube ads, they decided not to try too hard to sell the product. Hit play to see the results.
  5. Chip Shop Awards Sneak Peek
    This week, The Drum published a sneak peek at the entries to this year’s Chip Shop Awards, which aim to promote creativity without limits or rules.

    Here are two of our favourites:


    Click here to see the rest.

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