Steve Henry
Steve Henry
Group CEO

From Sunny Saudi To Sunny Otley

Introducing Ben, the newest addition to our ever growing BEnDevelopment Team. Check out his answers to our quick-fire round of questions below:

Name: Ben Hodge

Age:  27

Job Title: Web Developer 

Last job: Surprise Surprise….Web Developer  

The internet doesn’t exist. What’s your job?: R.A.F Aircrew

Favourite ad campaign: Honda Rube Goldberg adverts

Personality type: ESTJ “The Executive”

Last thing you bought: A weekend away at Centre Parcs.

Last place you visited: Ibiza! Beautiful island with lots to explore and plenty of places to party.

Last song you listened to: Eric Prydz – Generate


Front end or back end: Front End

Windows or Mac: Mac at home, Windows for work

Lambrini or Crabbie’s: Crabbie’s

Interesting Fact?: I used to live in Saudi Arabia as a child.

Advice you’d give someone starting out as a developer: Start with the basics and build upon your knowledge. Find a platform you enjoy and focus on improving your abilities with it.

Why Ponderosa?: Looking for a change of pace and a fun place to work….so far so good!

We’re always on the lookout for new developers to welcome to the team – click here to find out more.

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