James Tennant
James Tennant
Social Media Exec

Hugs, Bicycles, Selfies and Social Media

Albert Einstein once said ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.’

Welcome to the world of social media, too.

And to some extent, this is true. The realms of Facebook and Twitter are varying beauties with touches of elegance and glimpses of exquisiteness.

Traditionally for the younger audience, teenagers particularly, many of us were never quite the same again after founder Mark Zuckerberg launched the former in February 2004, this unknown creation that took me many moons to get to grips with. A Facebook geek I was not in the early years.

In my younger days when the social media platform was a timid kitten gradually blossoming into a fully-grown beast, there was an abrupt boom – a drift from Bebo, Myspace and MSN Messenger (recall those peaches) to this new phenomenon.

MSN once provided a platform I’d not encountered previously. It was a whole innovative experience, communicating with friends and networks over the internet by typing on a keyboard. And no, it wasn’t email. I was in with the kids! How cool I thought I was. But like everything, modern social media is relentlessly evolving, and MSN has had its day. So long, and farewell. Gone, but not forgotten.

(By the way, for those blissfully unaware, Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger baby many of us cradled numerous moons ago came to a halt last October after 15 years of loyal service).

I’m not going to lie – tears have been shed as I come to terms with this overwhelming loss.

In the shape of Facebook, however, a marvel was born ten years ago. A modern wonder of the world.

Then came Twitter two years later, in 2006. The world as we knew it would never be the same again. Rather than rival each other like some seem to believe, Facebook and Twitter feed off each other. In this village, there is room for the both of them. And potentially more – trust me on that. Instagram too.

This tweeting sensation where users worldwide interact in their own distinctive way, on a number of fluctuating topics, is a remarkable concept.

Take yesterday afternoon for example. Topics trending in the UK ranged from #MuseumSelfie – where Twitter users posted pictures of themselves standing by any such establishment – to #NationalHugDay, self-explanatory, and ‘Saxons’ – relating to the announcement by Stuart Lancaster about England’s rugby union squads for upcoming internationals.

Oh yes, I mentioned the word ‘selfie’. The ‘selfie’ has become intertwined with our daily lives to such an extent that households up and down the country are now blessed, or cursed, with ‘selfie sticks’. The latest trend. The latest sensation. The latest creation.

What next?

Who knows, but whichever way the enthralling domain of social media decides to turn next, you’d better be there.

Stay up to date. We are, here at Ponderosa Group.

Right, time for a brew…

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