Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander
Group Creative Director

I’ve Been Thinking About Thinking

I’ve been thinking recently about the future of advertising.

There’s loads of stuff at our disposal; Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Online, Offline, Print, Mobile, Experiential, TV, Radio, Blogs, Blippar… the list goes on!

Now, all this is really amazing and exciting, as it gives us more and more opportunity to get our message out to our consumers.

But, and it’s a BIG BUT…

What about the IDEA?

Will creative ideas soon become obsolete? Or will they become more and more valuable. I am pretty sure it will be the latter.

The idea is what makes you stand out from what is now a constant barrage of information. According to an article in the Guardian in one 45 minute journey, the average London Commuter is exposed to more than 130 adverts, featuring more than 80 products. In fact in an entire day we’re likely to see over 3,500 marketing messages!

Most of these, in fact nearly all of them, will be ignored or quickly forgotten about. But the ones that will stick, the ones that will be effective, will be the ones that have a killer idea at their core. An idea that’s clever, creative, entertaining or serious. An idea that connects the brand with the consumer.

A good example of a great idea at work is the “Dumb ways to die” campaign for Metro Trains in Melbourne Australia. It was different. It stood out. It communicated the message. And it worked across many media channels.

Within two weeks it had generated at least $50m worth of global media value in addition to more than 700 media stories, for “a fraction of the cost of one TV ad”.

So in summary, it’s great that we have so many ways to tell our story…. but lets make sure our story entertains, lets make sure it has an idea that connects with people, unless you just want to be like everyone else.

At the heart of that idea needs to lie an insight – that golden nugget thinking as we call it.

But that is my next blog post – “Ideas are not enough…”


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