Victoria Floyd
Victoria Floyd
Senior Account Executive

Keeping Your Finger on The Pulse in Modern Marketing

In order to keep up with the news and developments in each of your client’s industries, it is really important to identify and use all of the best resources around you.

In some roles, it’s important to stay on top of industry news and trends – you’ll build your expertise, you’ll grasp the respect of your team and you’ll be better placed to identify and exploit opportunities.

Information overload – Once you’ve identified which resources are the best for you to use, schedule a time during the week and devote it to catching up. In some roles, it won’t always be as necessary to keep up-to-date with industry news, so use your best judgment about what you need to know.

Sharing – If you find something you think is really interesting or would be useful, go ahead and share it with your team. It’s great to get into the habit of talking about and sharing current news.

Below I have listed just a few ways in which you can gain valuable information from reliable resources.


It’s great to find someone in your organisation you can absorb a wealth of insider knowledge and develop your career.

Trade Shows and Conferences

These provide a great opportunity to network and learn about competitors, new products and industry trends.


Take every opportunity you get to network face-to-face; this is a great way to build professional relationships and get the most out of your clients.


LinkedIn is an excellent way to connect with colleagues, brands and industry leaders. And, you can get the latest updates from individuals and organisations.


There are so many blogs out there that provide valuable knowledge and experience. Do a search for keywords related to your industry and sign up to receive posts.


Twitter is one of the quickest and best places to keep up to date on the relevant news and trends from your industry leaders and organisations. It’s a simple way to enhance your knowledge of relevant topics, opinions and trends in your industry with very little effort needed.


Talking with other professionals in your industry can help you network and grow your skills. In order to know which forums are most applicable, search for them by typing keywords relevant to your industry into a search engine, or simply ask your colleagues for recommendations.

Google Alerts

The Google Alerts service informs you when resources featuring certain words are indexed by Google’s search engine. This is a great way to be informed about leading news on one of your clients without having to search the web for hours weekly.




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