Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander
Group Creative Director

Kuala Lumpur Adventures – Day Three

The final day of our Kuala Lumpur adventure.

After the interior location shoot yesterday, today we were on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Call time was later today at 6.30pm but with a wrap time of 6.30am, a long action-packed night was ahead.

We travelled through the city and the architecture and tone of the city changed for what would be one of the last times. We left the shiny new high rises and travelled into the far less touristy suburbs. At the first location we were met by 50 extras, plus a crew of 50, meaning the scale of the production soon became apparent.

With streets closed off and police on motorbikes arriving to check all relevant passes had been agreed, the evening moved at a very quick pace.

The next 12 hours consisted of filming key street scenes, taxi scenes and a street food market, followed by a move to the final location – a coffee shop in the business district of Kuala Lumpur.

Throughout the shoot there were times when key decisions had to be made and challenges overcome – this is where Peter Nolan from Genting stepped up to the mark. He had a clear vision of what we were all aiming to create and made the decisions accordingly, ensuring the end product will be outstanding.

Conversations turned to how amazing the crew had been over the shoot. The full-time and freelance crews from Biscuit Films, Malaysia were amazing. Their experience shooting global campaigns for huge brands showed in their skill, efficiency, enthusiasm and local knowledge.

The wrap came all too soon. Ending with a group shot of crew, production, client and agency – then it was time for ice-cold Tiger beers on a street corner in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Nate, Charlie, Simon and Colin shot straight to the airport. We headed back to the hotel and enjoyed celebratory beers until 8.00am!

And it’s all over. What an incredible experience. So many amazing memories. It’s now back to the UK for Ponderosa and LRD-The Big Idea. But the project continues. Nate will spend next week editing and then we have grading, voice-over recording, music and rolling out the campaign through online and print. We’ll keep you updated on the Ponderosa Twitter!

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Chief TV Production UK

Biscuit Films Kuala Lumpur

Simon Hawken – Director of Photography

Charlie Gardner – Actor

Nate Camponi – Director

Sharon Gunnell – Agency Producer

Colin Offland – Lead Producer

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