Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander
Group Creative Director

Kuala Lumpur Adventures – Day One

There are certainly worse places to film a commercial than Kuala Lumpur – so when our long-standing client Genting Casinos asked us to make two 30-second ads for Genting Casino Online, Stewart, Steve and I jetted off to Malaysia along with Tom Robertshaw from LRD-TheBigIdea to undertake two night shoots in the buzzing city.


After an exciting week of preparation in the office – including the arrival of custom casino cloths, cards and chips which saw the boardroom transformed into a temporary Casino on Friday afternoon as we unpacked everything – the Ponderosa team, Tom and I landed in KL yesterday.


Once there, we met up with the rest of the team, who had flown over three days earlier to recce locations. We had one day to acclimatise, which was spent in the most impressive poolside location holding pre-production meetings. During these meetings Nate Camponi, the director for the Genting TV commercial, ran through storyboards and final locations. The test shots looked amazing with super work from Simon Hawken (Director of Photography).


The decision was taken to film one sequence last night in central Kuala Lumpur, with our star Charlie Gardner featuring in a crowd sequence. Everyone was surprised with the humidity even at 7.30 in the evening – but Charlie remained professional as ever, looking cool and collected in a suit despite the high temperatures.


Then it was out to the Jalon Alor area of Kuala Lumpur – an amazing road full of street food restaurants. The noise and smells certainly were an assault on the senses, especially as we were all so jet lagged! The food was amazing, although nobody was adventurous enough to try frog.

A late night was required to try and keep to the time difference, as day 2 will be a full night shoot starting at 4.30pm and finishing at 4am, followed by a quick blog update before hitting the sack!

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