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Georgia Halston
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Launching A Brand on Social Media: Red Square Vodka

Starting work on a new brand is always an exciting prospect, the opportunity to work on a new tone of voice, creative and social media strategy gives us the chance to put our skills to use and create something amazing.

Our most recent endeavour into working with a new brand was Red Square Vodka.

There are some pitfalls to avoid when embarking on a journey with a new brand, especially when you inherit a campaign or audience, but we were given the very unique opportunity to launch not only a brand on social, but to launch one that was already well known to the consumer, they just had to be reminded of it. 

Brand Insight                                                                                                 

We always begin our strategy with brand insight, if you’re not fully under the skin of a brand; you have no authority to represent them online on any other channel.

Insight from our in-house Brand Planning Team in terms of proposition, tone of voice and target audience, along with an agreed bench mark in terms of social media aims, meant we could quickly get to grips with creating a strategy to convey the correct messaging to the consumer.

Brand Aesthetic

To ensure there is a consistency of aesthetic across everything we do on social, from cover images to assets and video content, we create social media style setters, these form a virtual guard book to ensure that every piece of content is cohesive and on-brand.

Creating style setters is a process, which is dictated by the types of messages you want to convey. For Red Square, this was very simple as there were some strong, steadfast facets to the brand:

  1. Quality
  2. Versatility
  3. Inclusivity
  4. Innovative

Red Square Vodka Georgia Halston PonderosaRed Square Vodka Georgia Halston PonderosaRed Square Vodka Georgia Halston PonderosaRed Square Vodka Georgia Halston Ponderosa





Paid Social

Using paid social media means you can get quality content in front of your target audience as quickly as possible and since the rebrand of Red Square Vodka was being rolled out on and offline, we needed to ensure our messages were being seen to coincide with the launch.

For the Red Square launch we used a potent mix of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising, all of which were very hard working, in part because the consumer was already aware of the brand but also because of our poignant messaging, meticulously honed targeting and multi-faceted campaigns across platforms.


The social media launch coincided with the sponsorship of Europe’s largest free music festival; Liverpool International Music Festival.

Our structure as a full service agency allows is to maintain a cohesive message across all marketing for the brands we work on, on and offline.

In the case of Red Square at LIMF the fluidity between teams was demonstrated in various ways, from a digital photo booth that posted live to social, to social media competitions for ticketed commissions around the festival as well as side stage access for various artists and a coveted meet and greet with Labrinth.

Red Square Georgia Halston

Live social media across the whole festival was also integral to the strategy as keeping festival goers up to date with our activities meant we were able to communicate with them in real time. We were also keen to remind our new audience of the brand positioning through fun, festival related content.

Georgia Halston Red Square VodkaGeorgia Halston Red Square Vodka

Red Square Vodka Georgia Halston


Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is now a standard service within the social strategy for all of our clients as creating links with key influencers is fundamental to our work. This could not be more significant for a brand like Red Square whose target audience is younger, more digitally literate and more social media savvy than any generation that came before.

For LIMF it was key for us to find a blogger who fitted not only with the brand and the target audience but one that was significant in Liverpool. We outreached to the infamous Scouse Bird Problems, a blog whose traffic and social media audience numbers have grown exponentially over the past year.

Scouse Bird Problems has a core audience in Liverpool, that has been built through down to earth, honest and hilarious content that appeals to the target audience we were looking to connect with for Red Square; so suffice to say we were truly excited to work with the team.

A post-event blog was created from the writer who visited the event, which was shared across their vast network.

Going Forward

We’ve had a successful launch for Red Square Vodka on social and the work around LIMF, our post-event video and work with our blogger in particular, really revealed the potential for the brand online and we have some truly exciting ideas to carry our successes on throughout the year.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the Red Square bus; it could be coming to a city near you!


If you are looking to launch your brand on social media or are just looking for some new ideas, please get in touch with the Social Media Team here at Ponderosa, we’d be happy to help!

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