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Danielle Startin
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Our Favourite Christmas Ads (All Time Edition)

‘Twas the month before Christmas, and all through the land, brands were pushing their Christmas ads…

Every year it seems like the hype around Christmas ads grows – we’ve taken the opportunity to look back on our favourites of all time.


“It’s original, funny, and gives shoppers permission to spoil themselves as well as others.”


“The Coca Cola ‘Holidays are Coming!’ ad is the original Christmas advert, and still the best. It’s timeless, captures the excitement of the season, and the way they’ve turned it into a fully integrated campaign with a nationwide Coca Cola truck tour shows brands exactly what they should be doing to engage consumers during the festive period. It’s also one of the longest running campaigns I can think of – with an adaption of the original ad running each year since 1994.”


“The Mog advert to me transcends being just another Christmas ad –  it’s a proper piece of content that’s genuinely enjoyable for everyone – not just for agency people!”


“My favourite would have to be Sainsbury’s 2014 advert, recreating one of the most famous moments of the First World War. When the British and German soldiers came from their trenches played football, a moving tribute to those who were affected by the war. A Christmas advert that is not focused on the consumerism of Christmas.

I also really like this Boots ad from last year”


“Spare the act this Christmas, I love it because it’s true and everyone hates those awkward moments at Christmas. It’s an ad series everyone at some point can relate to.”



“This is the advert that stands out for me, the young boy excited to give his parents a gift is heart warming while not being overly emotional or saddening. It has little flairs of humour in it where the boy is dressed as a wizard to fast forward time, these little touches make the advert, they aren’t tear jerkers like the more recent ads, they’re just touches to make you smile. The whole advert is revolves around the closing line “for gifts you can’t wait to give”, a line which for me, makes the whole advert. I think it set a standard for adverts for years to come, the stripped back songs and the emotional message are now a staple of all John Lewis’ Christmas ads. ”


“My choice is the Cadburys advent trucks. I think it’s great – because of the choice of music and the brilliant scenery, and it’s effective in building a lot of excitement for Christmas choccies. Yum!”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Ponderosa team!

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