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Danielle Startin
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Social Media Mash-Up #1

Our first round-up of everything Social from the past week…

Groupon join Snapchat

Last week, Groupon US joined Snapchat. This week, they have 700 followers.

This is largely because they’ve kicked off with a week of free stuff. And because they’ve been really cool about it.

Their premise was simple, you send them a Snap, if they like it they send exclusive rewards.


This was supplemented by bang on-trend competitions, including this play on the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Tumblr. Groupon asked for their fans’ best Hey Grill chat up lines, rewarding their favourite with a free Cuisinart Grill.


Groupon got everything spot on here. Snapchat’s cool and big – and research shows people are willing to follow brands on the platform.


But, in return for a follow, people want to be entertained on Snapchat – Groupon got this. And 700 followers.

Twitter vending machines


Old Navy’s Tweet for your Feet campaign wrapped up last weekend. Twitter enabled vending machines dispensed 9,000 pairs of flip-flops in return for 9,000 tweets containing #FlipFlopHooray – promoting Old Navy’s yearly $1 flip flop sale.

Tweeting for rewards is a stunt we have implemented at Ponderosa, with Crabbie’s Tweets for Treats generating social chatter around the brand at this year’s Global Gathering.

Paddy Power Twitter Prank

The Paddy Power social team have been up their usual tricks this week, with what Lad Bible has hailed as ‘The Greatest Twitter Prank Ever’.

‘Wrong Number Steve’ thought he was texting a girl he’d met the previous night.  He was actually texting Paddy Power’s chief tweeter, who leveraged the account’s 400,000 followers, encouraging them to tweet suggested replies with #PPTexts.  

The success of this is clear – with Paddy Power’s Twitter following jumping by 20K in just a couple of days.


via SocialBakers.

See the full exchange at The Lad Bible.

Not a fan of Facebook Messenger app?

Quick tip – Facebook now forces all messages to go through its standalone messaging app. There has been considerable backlash, and the app has just one star in the app store. You can get around Facebook’s new rules by initialising a download of the app, and hitting pause before the download finishes installing. Messages should then display as before, within the Facebook app.

The end of the Fan Gate

From November 5th you’ll no longer be able to Like-Gate Facebook apps.


Is this really bad news for brands though?

The reason Facebook gives for the update is:

“To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives”.

And it’s true. Maybe forcing people to like Pages was never the best idea in the first place – especially in the current age of declining reach. Those who do something because they want to tend to be more receptive and it follows that those who like your Page out of a genuine desire to see your updates are more likely to engage with your content.

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