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Georgia Halston
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The Creator Economy – Content Makes the World Go Round

Twitter announced yesterday the latest addition to their long list of start-up acquisitions: Niche.

As described by The New York Times, “Niche has become a talent scouting service and advertising agency rolled up into one – it matches social media stars with marketers and advertisers who want to reach the young users who inhabit those platforms full time.”

The collaboration between brands and web content creators who have acquired celebrity status of their own within the digital sphere has been common practice in digital marketing for the past few years.

Digital marketers have turned to bloggers, vloggers and content kings not only for the proliferation of the message of a brand or campaign but also to penetrate an audience, particularly a millennial one, who are becoming ever more disillusioned with traditional marketing avenues.

The shift to utilising online celebs with ready-made audiences is a consequence, not only of disenchantment with the conventional producer to consumer marketing relationship, but also of a change in how consumers source their information.

Neilson quoted that “92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising”.

With that in mind it’s not surprising there has become a new ‘Niche’ in the market for pairing brands with online content creators who can help them speak to an audience who would otherwise remain apathetic to their messages.

It’s also no surprise that Twitter were quick off the mark to acquire the most promising start-up in the field.

In the next year, brands’ use of ‘found’, ‘borrowed’ (but usually commissioned) and earned media will explode in a big way but you don’t always have to go to a mediary like Niche to get some great results.

Whether in-house or agency, if you have worked on a brand for a period of time, on the content marketing, social media and/or digital PR, and you’ve done it right, you should have no problem obtaining user generated content.

OK, the users you have acquired as fans may not all be the next Zoella and there’s always work to do in terms of building a brand loyal, quality content producing, powerhouse of a PR network, but it’s not beyond the realms of any brand who have the right strategy and the right attitude.

At Ponderosa we work tirelessly with content creators relevant to all of the brands we work with and we start from a grass-roots level.

Bonus: here’s some work which came from Niche’s relationship with tech giant HP which led to a TV spot pulled made entirely of Vines:

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