Liam Dawson
Liam Dawson
Digital Director

The Price is Right

Last Friday Katie Price emerged from the Celebrity Big Brother house as winner, and whilst I’ve not followed her tabloid rich career in recent years, I do remember her early days as Jordan, 19 from Brighton.

In fact, looking back, it would appear we both started our careers at around the same time. I vividly remember when designing my first websites (a combination of Photoshop 5.0, notepad and HTML code) Jordan gracing the FHM website, which itself was a one-pager, black background, red FHM logo top left and of course an underwear clad Jordan, 19 from Brighton.

That was almost 20 years ago. Taking time to look back over those years, the industry I work in is almost unrecognisable from those heady notepad days. From the technology used in designing and building websites through to the multitude of online communication channels, not to mention the data and insights now available at our fingertips.

The digital world has changed. It’s reinvented itself again and again. It’s evolved and is evolving and there is no sign of this slowing up. Just look at the last two years; the impact of social media; the influence of mobile; the growth of responsive build, all altering and shaping the current and future digital landscape.

Not to be outdone by the internet, Jordan too has evolved over those years; model, mother, author, singer, chat show host, rider, fashion designer, reality star, the list goes on. Oh and not to forget the numerous increases and decreases her bust has seen.

Despite this ever-changing digital world, the principles of business and trading haven’t changed. Selling a product, a service or simply creating some awareness is still the same as it always has been. Yes there are far more ways to do this; ways to engage with a customer; ways to present a brand; ways to analyse data and results, essentially though, it’s still a person / brand communicating a message to another person / brand – and that will never change.

I guess the same can be said for Katie Price, the principles of Pricey’s business has never changed, from the day she started modelling for Page 3 to being crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother. She’s seen an opportunity to make money from ‘celebrity’ and whilst that has required her to adapt and change the presentation of the brand she sells, her drive and ambitions are the still the same.

So what does the next 20 years hold? Well I can confidently say that the digital world will continue to evolve, becoming more and more of an integral part in our business and personal lives. But how that will look – who knows… and what will Google do with all those robot companies they bought?

As for Pricey… Number 10?

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