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Ponderosa – Digital Full Service Advertising Agency Leeds

Under one roof, we give our clients access to experts in brand, digital and direct. Our unique approach means you can benefit from truly joined up thinking when you need it, without sacrificing any of the expertise on offer in each of our specialist businesses – Sixteen Hands, Prego or Digital Welly.

Sixteen Hands – Strategic Brand Planning Agency Leeds

World class strategic brand planning is the heart of everything we do at the agency. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to looking for those nice, juicy little insights that get our creatives really fired up.

We explore every aspect of your business. Talk to your advocates and those who’ve fallen out of love with your brand. We examine the market place. Look at your competition. And then, and only then, do we create a brand proposition which is both ownable and compelling.

Our thorough and rigorous approach informs our creative thinking, changes behaviour and drives your marketing plans so you can make accountable commercial decisions.

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Prego – Direct Marketing Agency Leeds

The concept of Direct Marketing has never been as important. Technology has opened up the door to talk to your customers on a one to one basis and track their behaviour every step of the way.

We use our proven expertise and knowledge to drive customers to respond and we use the right channels necessary to ensure we reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

And with the ability to track absolutely everything, we have nowhere to hide. So if we get you the results you want – you’re happy. If we don’t – we won’t get any more work. Simple.

But, for those of you who do choose Prego. You’ll always find a hard working, honest, sleeves rolled up group of people who love numbers, data, insights, creativity and most of all getting results for their clients.

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Digital Welly – Digital Design, Development & Online Marketing

Exploiting the digital world is easy when you know how. And here at Digital Welly, that’s what we do best. We take our digital, direct marketing and brand expertise and mix them with highly intelligent SEO, PPC, E-Marketing and Social Media.

This 360⁰ approach ensures we’re putting the right messages out, to the right audience, in the right places, where we can track, learn, engage and influence your customers.

The result is a bigger return on investment for your business and a customer understanding that allows you to make informed commercial decisions.

We also translate all of this digital expertise to help educate, enthral and excite young people through The Digital Learning Agency. This specialist offering has helped everybody from the British Library to brands wishing to get their message across to school children.


Our Digital Services

> Online planning and strategy
> Website design & development
> e-marketing/CRM
> e-commerce
> Content creation
> Digital asset development
> Search
> Social media
> Website performance, analytics and reporting

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