Josh Benson
Josh Benson
Junior Developer

Top Traits of a Good Junior Developer

If you are interested in breaking into the Digital World, and fancy jumping into the development area, then here are a few tips that helped me land a junior role. These are the main three things I personally think helped me to be lucky enough to get a full time Junior Developer role at Ponderosa.

  1. Showing passion: I think becoming a part of the new path you are about to take will help a great deal. There is always something new coming out and being on top of the latest news and technology is a massive advantage. There are always events on that people from all sorts of digital agencies organise, and being around people who have already made it to the top of their game will give you the enthusiasm and drive to succeed.
  2. Patience: I think patience is a huge part of the learning curve. When you come across something you can not work out for the life of you then it’s just a matter of time before you solve the problem. The best thing about development, whether it be front end or back end, is that someone out there has already solved your problem you are experiencing and written about it somewhere online.
  3. Determination: You are going to need a lot of this. You are going to come across problem after problem, but working these out it is just one step of the journey to becoming a full time developer. If you do get stuck on something, just set it to one side and come back to it a little bit later.

There are so many amazing opportunities out there once you have started to master some of the skills of becoming a developer. Keep cracking the problems and you will get there in no time!

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