Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander
Group Creative Director

Walter White, Brand Guru

I’ve just finished watching Breaking Bad (don’t worry there are no spoilers!) and it struck me that Walter White knew a thing or two about branding.

First of all he made his product (Crystal Meth) the colour Blue. A very particular blue that made his product different to everyone else’s. The product then become known by its buyers as simply ‘Blue’. This made it different and created brand ambassadors who talked highly of the product:

“It may be blue, but it’s the bomb” said Jesse Pinkman

He made sure that his product was better than everyone else’s. He didn’t have to do this. He could have made it exactly the same as everyone else’s, but he wanted his to be the best 99.1% chemically pure – after all he was a scientist who sought perfection! His competitors could only reach a figure of 60%!

And lastly, all this meant he could charge a premium for his product, and take more of the market share. Does this all sound like a good idea? We think it’s what every brand should do.

My conclusion is, whether you are a freelance designer, an agency or business, make sure you are different. Create reasons why you are irresistible and, in Walter White’s words, “make sure you are consistent”.

I’m off to my kitchen now to cook my breakfast (not crystal Meth).

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