Lily Greenwood
Lily Greenwood
Senior Digital Account Exec

What’s New In The World of Snapchat

Last week Snapchat updated their app to bring users a whole host of new features and, as an avid snapchatter who’s constantly glued to the yellow ghost, I love finding out what new direction the app’s heading in.


The most prominent feature and what everyone is talking about is ’Snapchat Discover’ – a new way to explore stories from some of the top magazines, networks and news channels.


Snapchat are promoting this as a new way to put the narrative first and allow editorials to do something different with their content that is about being creative and refreshing. From this perspective I love it, it’s different and engaging and genuinely makes me want to check it out every day. However I can’t help but also feel a little sad that my beloved app that was once just a fun way to send photos to friends is now becoming increasingly commercialised.

Bye Best Friend

Controversially we also saw the removal of the apps ‘best friends’ feature, which I’m sure many people will admit to using when checking up on the other half.  After users expressed their opposition to its take down the CEO tweeted that they would be bringing back the feature but look into new ways to allow a little more privacy.

One Touch Download 

A few days ago Snapchat rolled out an update allowing users to save your entire Snapchat story – gone are the days of having to relentlessly screenshot your entire story from the night before – even those that you would probably want to forget. Now you can download your story as a compressed file of your media strung together. Just look for the download symbol next to your story.


Making Music

On another note Madonna has just released that her new music video Living for Love from her new album Rebel Heart through Snapchat Discover, a world first from the queen of pop. Unfortunately in true Snapchat style your time to view this on the app has come to an end but don’t worry there’s always YouTube!


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