Giving Boofle a new home

UK Greetings invited Digital Welly, the online division of the Ponderosa Group, to create a website which would be the home of Boofle. For those yet to discover Boofle, he is a snugglesome pup who has been made with 100% love and cuddles. Nanny knitted him from Granddad’s old wooly cardy which had seen better days.

Boofle was sold exclusively through Clintons and there was a need to create a website which would engage Boofle’s adoring fans and give them a place to come and enjoy the brand.


The Challenge

Boofle’s creator had spent so much time creating a story around the character and creating a personality and tone of voice. Our challenge was to ensure Boofle’s new website not only did justice to the hard work already done, but would also add value and give fans of Boofle a reason to keep coming back and explore the site.


Our Solution

We wanted the site to feel like you were entering Boofle’s own home, so we created a magical Boofle World that invited you to come in and look around. The world was filled with things that encouraged visitors to the site to interact. By far the most challenging aspect of the project was animating what was until this point a 2 dimensional character and making him move.

There were decorations for people to download which included card and screensavers. A photo gallery was created which enabled fans to upload their photos of Boofle, together with a message book where they could leave little notes and invite their friends to read them. The most interactive aspect of the site was a magical mirror that invited visitors to step through and discover secret Boofle Lands. The Lands were themed around Love Land, Pirate Land and Seaside Land. Each land had a game where visitors could play and invite friends to beat their scores.


The Results

Following the success of the first stage of the website, UK Greetings have invested in developing the site further, including the creation of further Boofle Lands and theming the site around key holidays and seasons.