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World Water Day

Today marks the 13th annual World Water Day, a day that highlights the importance of fresh water on a global scale, creates awareness, and inspires innovations for the sustainable management of fresh water resources.

At the UN, the 22nd of March is earmarked purely for hearings on the recommendations and the promotion of definitive actions regarding the world’s water resources.

A number of high-profile brands focus on the cause for their Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.

Here’s a selection of the more inventive campaigns that we’ve seen so far this year:

The Unicef Tap Project

Unicef is one of the main charities at the heart of World Water Day and this year, with the help of national partner Giorgio Armani, they are giving you the chance to help towards the world water crisis by not using your phone.

You just need to visit the specially designed mobile site from your phone, which, after inputting a couple of details sets off a timer.

The app tells you that for every five minutes of inactivity, the sponsors will donate 1 day of clean water.


Unicef are also doing an Instagram takeover on the Huffington Post account, which hasn’t started yet, and to me seems a little counter intuitive given that they’re encouraging people to not use their phones, but it will be interesting to see what they post.

Stella Artois – Buy a Lady a Drink

An emotive campaign has come from Stella for their second consecutive year of partnering with water charity, for World Water Day.

With the help of heavyweight celebs like Matt Damon, Stella are focusing on the people the international water crisis affects the most: women in developing countries.

To gain monetary support, Stella have produced three specially designed, limited edition chalices, Peru, Haiti and Kenya. These are for sale on the Stella site.

Stella have also used the reach of their extensive social media following to spread the word for their campaign:


Californian luggage and travel company, Eagle Creek launched their campaign on the first of the month and have partnered with Pack H2O, an innovative charity that have designed a simple backpack to safely transport clean water. Eagle Creek are undertaking to donate a backpack to help women in Kenya to transport water for every piece of luggage bought on their site throughout the month of March.  

Eagle Creek pride themselves on their ‘network of travellers’ and have used this to spread the word of the campaign throughout the month:


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